"Thanks for the very successful fishing experience I had with you as my guide and outfitter. I hope to be coming back to northern California every year – maybe even more frequently, if money and my wife permit. I have fly fished for over 50 years and used fly fishing guides all over America, Canada, Alaska and Patagonia. Three Rivers Guiding Service was the best experience I have ever had, especially when you realize how unsuccessful others were on the same day in the same area. I can highly recommend “Three Rivers Guide Service”. If you ever need a reference, let them talk to me – 909-800-8453. Keep in touch. Keep sending and forwarding me pertinent e-mail. I count you as a friend. Lots of Strikes and Tight Lines..."

Gene DeFouw, The Wolverine Angler

"Thank you for a fantastic day fishing on the Pit River. Jim has not stopped talking about the experience, his first guided fly fishing trip in California. You now have set the bar extremely high for anyone following."

Mark E. Brown, Sacramento, CA

"Thanks for a great time. I am an even bigger fan of yours after I fly fished on Sunday morning the same lower beats we went to on Friday and came up without a single strike. The three others had almost the same luck. You proved yourself in spades. Thanks again Alan, and looking forward to seeing you next year."

Martin Cannon

"Many thanks for the fly fishing advice as, I have been in the mind set of ‘bigger bait, bigger fish’ for many years even when the bigger bugs aren’t around and have probably missed more than a few opportunities for bigger fish as a result. Pictures don’t lie and that trout I saw you catch on the tiniest of nymphs was an eye opener for me. I will definitely try to apply that lesson to my ‘home waters’. I‘ve been fly fishing for about a dozen years now mostly on the lower Rubicon River and tributary creeks- it’s close, remote and never lets me down for rainbow or brown trout (at least they don’t seem to be terribly finicky). I think the next time I convince one of my fly fishing buddies to go back up to the McCloud I’ll look you up for a guided fishing day, I could learn a lot. Enjoy the pictures. See you on the river."

Meredith Harvan, Sacramento, CA

"Hi Alan, Thank you for a wonderful day! Both Michael and I had a lot of fun and really enjoyed the adventure (and all the fish)."

Debbie Cott, Sacramento, CA

"Thanks for a terrific day of fly fishing. I’ve had many guides all over the world, and I can simply say you’re world class."

Christopher Allen, Burlingame, CA