Northern California Trout Fishing

Q. Which rivers will we be fishing?

A. That depends on which river is the most productive at the time and how adventurous you are. We love the Pit River, the McCloud River and the Upper Sacramento River.

Q. What equipment do I need to bring fly fishing?

A. The essential items are rod, reel, flies, waders, wading boots and staff, and water bottle, however, sun glasses, sun screen, and hat, are desirable. If you don't have this equipment we can make it available.

Q. What types of flies will I need for rivers in the Mt. Shasta area?

A. You should have a variety of sizes from #12 to #16, P.T.'s, Princes, Micro Mays and Birds Nests for nymphing and for the dries, Adams, Stimulators, P.M.D.'s, and Blue Winged Olives.

Q. Where can I stay in Mt. Shasta?

A. We can book you into the lovely Strawberry Inn in downtown Mt. Shasta (530-926-2052) or the beautiful Shasta Starr Ranch B & B in Mt. Shasta (530-926-3870).  There are also a number of B & B's in the historic logging town of McCloud. Also check out these possibilities in the area.

Q. What are your rates for a day of trout fishing?

A. Please check out my rates page.